A worldwide meander with a solar bike

with a few necessary
airline hops along the way 🙂

(Bent = slang for Recumbent)

Conveyance design goals:

All gear able to be packed into three checked in bags/boxes

Able to withstand a fair bit of abuse

Self supported and as sustainable as realistically possible

Comfortable riding position

Perceived challenges as I contemplate the adventure ahead…

Dealing with border crossings

Restocking while leaving the bike unattended

Getting run off the road/squashed by inconsiderate drivers


Pilots perspective

A comfy seat and great views of the way ahead.


Scene from behind

Red blinkies on the back of the trailer.
Large reflective triangle.
Radar tailight alerting traffic with the light and alerting me to any traffic approaching within 140m behind me.

Kit and caboodle

The conveyance in all her glory