Current Information on my journey

My Blog page has my thoughts, observations and musings on the adventure. The plan is to update this weekly or when significant events happen along the way.

My social messaging presence will be via Signal and I have created a group that folk will be able join and chat to myself and others interested in this journey. My participation here will be spotty as much of the time I will not have wifi coverage.
If you have Signal installed and would like to be part of the chatter around my journey then follow this link to join the solarbent chat group.
I have set it so I have to approve members so it doesn’t get filled with bots and spam so give me a little time to approve you.

If you want to have a txt chat when I am out of wifi coverage then send an email to sagilbert(at) with either a cell number or email address that I can reach you on and a brief description of your interest in the adventure if you are unknown to me.

Clicking on the image below will take you to my TrackMe InReach Tracking page. If you click on the pin labelled Shaun and choose ‘Path’ at the bottom of the dropdown box – that will show you where I have sent daily messages from since I began the journey.
I do not intend to advertise my realtime position for security reasons but the location of where I send OK messages daily will give you a ball park idea of the route I have chosen.