Grasshopper FX: The foldable touring bike

Pinion C1.12 gearbox up front – single chainring out back


Rear airshock

Beefed up front suspension

Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres

Changed the gearing, reducing the size of the rear sprocket

Strengthened the side stand

Added the veltop canopy which required extending the rear stay

Added bar ends to give me more mountable space for mirrors, gps mount, horn and aux switches for the electrics

Created (rough as guts) dashboard mounts for Cycle analyst, watch, light switch and phone

Added towball mount

Created a modular frame to enable rear CIGS solar panel to sit atop the trailer securely but able to be broken down for shipping

Attached CIGS solar panel to top of the Veltop canopy

Added two MPPT solar charge controllers to feed the solar to the battery

Mounted the handlebar bag on the lower side rack to hold the batteries

Added an Abus Bordo alarm 6000A to the boom

Lighting – front light, two red blinkies (K-lite) to the back of the trailer and rear light/radar (Garmin Varia RTL515) to the centre of the reflective triangle

Added USB outlets to charge the various extras

…a few images of add-ons

The big items that make up my “conveyance”

Useful tools

Accommodation, Storage and Safety

I have had to purchase a few things but have many camping items I have acquired over the years.

Nemo Dragonfly Bikepack OSMO 2

framed and light

I usually use trekking pole tents but for this trip the frame is going to be more useful as I can picture myself on hard ground out in the open pretty often.

Vaude Panniers

Gear storage solution

A work colleague – Murray, gifted the panniers to me and they fit perfectly. They come with a waterproof cover and I will add a Nylofume bag inside the main compartment to ensure the contents stay dry.

Garmin InReach GPSMAP 66I

Satellite messenger

I have had my unit for a few years now and it has proved itself worthwhile for keeping in contact with folk while out of cell coverage.
This will provide my primary comms unit for the trip as I post an “I’m OK” daily so the folk at CAP are kept appraised of my welfare state. A side effect of this is that folk can keep abreast of where on the planet I am at
This is my weapon of last resort should I find myself in a life threatening situation – alerting CAP that I need assistance urgently.

I am a bit of a gear junkie which means I have more bling than is necessary and have enjoyed marshaling items for all the parts of the journey ahead.