Burglar thwarted

It is 3:30am and 1/2hr ago my Bordo 6000 bike lock alarm sounded its 6 chirps to say it had been moved prior to letting go with the 100db siren. It was an expensive purchase but methinks it has just paid dividends. The bike and trailer are locked to a light pole but the trailer bag zip was exposed which is stiff and requires a bit of effort to undo, I am assuming that was what set the burglar alarm off. Sleep is not coming easily now as I lie here aware of anything moving outside my tent.

5 responses to “Burglar thwarted”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Hey Shaun. Seems good progress. Be fun to have a taser for the rascals

    1. Shaun Avatar

      They were long gone by the time I poked my head out.

  2. mum Avatar

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  3. Graham & Mary Gilbert Avatar
    Graham & Mary Gilbert

    HI , Some highs and lows, with lots of ‘learning’. Camps look interesting with some company about. M

    1. Shaun Avatar

      I have “decorated” the bike with a few of your stickers now. Those bookmark magnet thingies are proving useful as well.