Testing systems

The Weather is improving markedly as I head NorthWest. New systems getting tested every day now especially after a couple of wild camps were I cannot rely on anyone else.
I am super glad that I didn’t send the stove back to NZ immediately after buying it to get the fuel pump as the connection on my original stove to the pump is different to the new one so would have been right up the creek again. Changed my ‘silencer’ over to the new stove and it all works fantastically.

Gave my water filtration system its first run through and that also works really well. Hanging it off the canopy support behind the headrest and letting gravity do its thing works well and I can see no reason why this won’t work while I’m riding along which will conceivably happen if I run across a water source before I find a place to camp for the night.

The USB charging system is working flawlessly now thank goodness and the picture shows my headphones and watch getting juiced up at camp. The library app Libby is marvelous for helping me tame the longggg straight roads that Australia seems to have in abundance. I do chuckle when I see the occasional warning signs for wiggly road ahead – they have a slightly different meaning over here than in NZ 😉

Those astute photo observers will have noticed the trailer tipped on its side. Gaining access to the storage back there is accomplished much easier doing this. At days end I can get a bit more juice into the system by having the trailer perpendicular to the low sun as well which helps.

The health is holding out and the legs are feeling better each day. I am roughly 1/2 way between Melbourne and Adelaide as I write this and am very pleased with progress. I really enjoyed the ride through the Grampians with the stunning escarpments. Have made it to Horsham tonight and in a civilised campground again – hence the update as I have wifi for the night.