Trailer mods and comms update

A couple of exciting developments this week (for me) involving wheels and joiners 🙂

Brent was very patient with me on the milling machine as I worked the blocks of plastic down to replace the weak joiners that I had fitted to the solar panel frame on the trailer. These are not in place as I write this as I am taking advantage of all the work offered to me as I am all too aware that the next two weeks are the last chance to beef up the bank a/c before setting out on this adventure. I am sure they will be a far better solution and are much more robust and should last the distance. I took this opportunity to make a couple of extra fittings that will allow me to support the panel off the axles rather than sitting on top of the trailer bag. This means the bag cannot flop sideways and rub against the wheels, access to the internal compartment will be much easier and the panel should not swivel or move as much as before.

The second modification has been increasing the wheel diameter to match the “bent’s” wheel size of 20″. The rims are more robust, rolling resistance should be reduced slightly and I now do not need to carry different sized tubes (and tyres?). The ride across rough terrain should become a little more comfortable as the larger diameter wheels will ride over larger stones easier.

It also appears that I am forging new ground with TrackMe. They are collaborating in a new product with FocusPoint as a result of my requirements which will help others who wish to adventure outside NZ in the future.

The last of the jabs for Rabies is now out of the way as well so that is another box ticked.

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  1. harry0 Avatar

    Good idea to match wheel sizes,