My first task was to find out if either of the warmshowers hosts had responded to my request to host me. I was elated to find that Margaret and Peter were looking forward to my company. While I was waiting to hear back from them I headed off to Katherine Auto Electricians at the North end of town. My problem was way outside their area of expertise but they sent me to Sylvester at the other end of town who knew all about what was ailing me. Luckily I reached Sylvester just before 5pm and he found the appropriate MPPT controller, was going to program it for me and invited me to come back at 1pm tomorrow so we could assemble it on the bike. A huge relief for me as I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t going to find anything in this part of the world that would work for my peculiar system.

As I was riding back toward town to find a WIFI connection again to see if my warmshowers host had got back to me a car pulled up beside me and said “you must be Shaun”. Margaret had decided the best way to find me was to drive around town until she spotted me! I have a bed to look forward to, weighed myself to find I am now 75kg – I left NZ at ~95kg – and had a glorious shower so feel clean for the first time in a week or so.

2 responses to “Katherine”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Hi Shaun.
    Great going.
    Enjoying following and passing on to mum.

    1. Shaun Gilbert Avatar

      Glad I’m keeping you amused Mike 🙂