Outback beginnings

Friday. An early start to do the supermarket stockup before the baddies were out of bed and to get underway on my outback adventure. 10kg either side in the panniers and 10kg of water on the bike with the trailer full as I could get it made for an honest load.


I climbed out of the fog at 9:30 and enjoyed a perfect day to finish at over 120km. Minor panic when I stopped as I had neglected to check in on the Inreach during the day and it wasn’t where I normally keep it! Visions of having to backtrack ☹ . I soon found it and all was well.

The road has a great surface and mostly a nice wide shoulder that I could hop on to. My Varia radar is super useful here alerting me to what is behind me and assuring me that all is clear to move off the shoulder when everything has gone past. The mirrors get used as well of course. Road trains, gray nomads and serious 4×4’s abounded. Not much wildlife just an emu and a few kangaroos with the birdlife mainly carrion birds feeding on the abundant roo carcasses.

Saturday.  CirroStratus blanket all day with a chilly breeze. Occasionally a break in the cloud got the panels excited but was a slow day. Reached Lake Hart 3ish and decided to join all the gray nomads for the night. Had a great natter with Wayne and Sharon as the day drew to a close then was rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

Sunset at Lake Hart

Sunday.  100km and I’m done. Found a nice place with a couple of other nomads soon after 3pm set up camp and able to relax. Seems I have entered a new microclimate as up to now the flies have not been bothersome. Here they are in swarm mode. Hat and mesh headset time!

Still cloud today but not as bad as yesterday.  A light headwind hasn’t helped. As I’ve stopped early I am hopeful to get a good charge in the batteries so that I start on the front foot tomorrow.

Shared a fire and lovely long chat with Caleb, Georgia, Kash and Jojo. Inspiring family living the adventurous life.

Monday. I was meandering along about 200km south of Cooper Pedy when a mad cyclist approached from the north. In the frantic exchange I failed to register his name, Phil? perhaps. He left Scotland a year ago and was headed for NZ!!!

In another great encounter at the end of the day I had a great chat with the local station owner (5th generation) who told me he ran 5000 square km and that size was fairly normal out here.

If I get another sunny day like today then wifi and a shower in Cooper Pedy might be on the cards tomorrow night.

2 responses to “Outback beginnings”

  1. mary Avatar

    Hi, good looking going along, with some interestng pictures. ‘The tortoise ‘ seems fine, and the company interesting. love m

    1. Shaun Avatar

      Not sure about “The Tortoise”. She is a flyer when the sun is overhead.