Last salty air for a few weeks

A short ride into Port Augusta today. Got directed to a great campground a few km out of the main town “no problems with the indigenous out there”. Emu’s and kangaroos abound all racing along looking ungainly with far too many road kills along the road side.

It has been a fixit day, replacing the solar cable between the trailer and bike as it was just a tad too short and was getting wrenched too often. I also had a whoopsy a few days ago when the bike fell over when parked with my full water bladder hanging out back and it ripped the handle off so have bought a 10 litre container today to replace that. Feel better prepared now to head inland.

I’m at the local pub now and looking forward to shouting myself a meal. The vegetarian masala was OK rather than stunning. Was nice to have someone else cook.

Vege masala

The campground lit a fire and all the grey nomads gathered round to tell stories before I headed to the pub. Nice just to be with others for a night.

Campground gathering

Will scarper early tomorrow and stock up with a few days tucker at the supermarket on the way out of town. Will be a slow start – perhaps I should hang a ‘road train’ sign on the back!

4 responses to “Last salty air for a few weeks”

  1. Tac Avatar

    You up for a video call tomorrow night nz time? Unruly group of 1980 having a gathering… FB message perhaps?

    1. Shaun Gilbert Avatar

      Apologies (very late) for missing your message. I have been out of wifi coverage for a few days now. Hope the gathering went well.

  2. Mike Avatar

    Guess it will be a bit further between water and food refills before long.
    More weight = slower speeds. 🤔

    1. Shaun Gilbert Avatar

      Certainly is a long way between drinks here! The weight is a factor for sure but the real limiting factor is sunshine. An overcast day and I’m pushing to get much more than 50k’s, a day with cleqr skies and 100k’s is relatively easy.