Sandhills, a zero day, meeting a cycling musician and relaxing by the river ๐Ÿ™

I left Bordertown Wed morning using Komoot to guide me back out to join up with my original route at Pinnaroo. I assume that Australia must have something similar to what in NZ are called paper roads – where surveyors in the past have designated routes for roads that have never been formed. 5km of sandhills made for a very tedious journey today. Some was rideable but most of it I took the trailer off and had to walk/push the bike through then return to drag the trailer. I optimistically thought today might be another 100km day but ended by being a hard fought 50km ๐Ÿ™

Thursday was the day the front was due to pass through so I wasn’t surprised to wake to far more wind than could be tackled safely on the road. It rained most of the day, the place is bone dry so no doubt thelocals are smiling. Another zero day for me.

Friday was a ride to beyond Pinnaroo, cloudy at first breaking to clear sunny skies late morning then overdeveloped and rained all afternoon. Not a great solar harvesting day. The day was made fantastic by meeting Tom, a musician also traveling by bike 5km prior to Pinnaroo. How we came to be at the junction of the two main roads at exactly the same time was remarkable.

Tom in Pinnaroo – playing the pub in the background this evening

We shared lunch and stories before I pushed on down the Loxton road.

June has arrived with a lovely day. I left my camp with very little in the batteries and ended the day beside the Murray nigh on full ๐Ÿ™‚ My evening meal was enjoyable with all the birdlife and peaceful ambience.

Drying/airing out beside the Murray