I could get used to this no clouds scenario. Cruised to the campground in Alice that folk recommended where I stayed last night. Loads of super friendly folk migrating north to Darwin then drifting down the West coast of Ozzie while its cold down south. Have purchased a new tyre to stash in the canopy as a spare, two new thorn proof tubes and a couple of boxes of puncture patches. Got a bit concerned when I got the puncture at the border so want to future proof myself a little more as a broke bike between towns out here would be seriously difficult to deal with.

I am thinking I will continue North tomorrow but may chill here for another day. Will update if I stay.

5 responses to “Alice”

  1. Jo Avatar

    Hey Shaun! Lovely meeting you!! Excited to be on this trip vicariously. Safe travels with wind at your back, sun overhead and lots more love and generous encounters from folks on the track! Jo

    1. Shaun Gilbert Avatar

      It was really great to meet you all and share stories. I will treasure your dried apple pieces and think of you as I stop for breaks heading north.

    2. Shaun Gilbert Avatar

      Those apple slices have been delicious. Thanks once again

  2. Shaun Avatar

    Hi Harry, Glad you’re along for the ‘ride’ and that I’m keeping you entertained 🙂
    Certainly nice to be warm in June. Has the house got a new owner yet?

  3. harry0 Avatar

    Hi Shaun, greetings from Napier.
    Just following your blog great to see you are covering the ground without to much hassle.
    Bloody Aussie will try to take anything not bolted down.
    Cheers H&H