Prep in full swing

The flight to Melbourne is booked for 18th May and it is all getting real very quickly.

Decluttering and selling off most of my worldly possessions feels like a good thing to do but is not something I enjoy. Simplifying life is a goal I have so I need to just get it done.

I talked things medical with my GP and have a plan for the recommended jabs over the coming couple of months. An assortment of meds has been procured to take care of the likely illnesses that may befall me.
Eyes got another look over and a pair of Ombraz sunnies have been ordered.
Teeth got another hole patched and have the tick of approval.

The modular solar panel mount on the trailer needs strengthening on the overhang at both ends. I am loath to add weight and complexity and am mulling over a solution that will allow easy access to the trailer contents.

This Blog page is proving a challenge – software manipulation is for the most part an enjoyable task for me.
Komoot – the cycle route software works really well but could do with integrating the VARIA radar as Ride with GPS has done.
The CycleAnalyst program for manipulating the electric motor is very powerful but not completely intuitive so am still trying to sort out how to increase the regenerative effect when I trigger this from the brakes. I currently feed ~350w back into the battery but have been told I should be able to get this to ~900w which would add significant braking when applied and save those brake pads as well as throwing a bit of juice back in the batteries.

5 responses to “Prep in full swing”

  1. Bernie Kelly Avatar
    Bernie Kelly

    Hang on a minute mate ! You haven’t finished the four lane highway to Tutira.
    Al Lee and I going to have a big grumble about that, I can tell you.
    Anyrate, just reading Paul Theroux Ghost Train to the Eastern Star. Great travelling stories, just like you’ll have by the looks.

    1. Shaun Avatar

      Four lanes! The plan at present is to make it one way from Tangoio to Raupunga with timed lights at each end 😉 Strategic large potholes will be installed to deter speeders above the 30kph speed limit. DOC may need to book accomodation for you if heading north as going to Wairoa will take a whole day.
      Am I a mind reader to think that a float to the new Komata hut is front of mind for you?

  2. Janet Avatar

    I’m looking forward to following your adventures 😀.

  3. Aaron Avatar

    Bloody awesome

    1. Shaun Avatar

      Thanks for the nice comment Aaron. More importantly it generated the email to me and the process “worked” as advertised 🙂 so I can tick another thing off my list of things to make happen before I gad off!