Trailer mods and insurance thoughts

Today was a chance to get back to the bike again after working a 7 day stretch. The prototyping process is always fun – trying out different ways to solve a problem – in this case how to support the frame extensions. The plastic joiners are fairly robust but not up to continuous stress up and down as the trailer bounces along. The brace here seemed to work pretty well so skipped in to the hardware store and grabbed some 16mm Ali pipe that was light but seems strong enough for this support job. You can see one of the rear supports in the picture below. It is the end of the day so tipped the panel up to make the most of the late afternoon sun before it disappears behind the hill.

Travel insurance has been on my list to chase down for a while and I think I have found a good solution with FocusPoint They are fairly pricey but for the peace of mind they are offering it looks good. If anyone reading this has any experience with this company I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. Of course if anyone has other companies they can recommend then please share them.

2 responses to “Trailer mods and insurance thoughts”

  1. Steffen Avatar

    Greeting from Germany
    Dear Shaun, me and my wife are also *bent enthusiasts. Actually i am also modding our *bents to E-*bents with the Grin-All-Axle motor. I finished at least the *bent of my wife and will start soon with mine too. I hope everything will work as expected.

    I wish you all the best with your project and looking forward for nice photos and stories.

    your sincerely, Steffen

    1. sagilbert Avatar

      Thank you for the kind thoughts Steffen.
      Perhaps you’ll share some pictures’ of your *bents as well…
      Keep an eye out for me as I come through Germany (hopefully later this year or early next…)